Sunday, November 4, 2012

Last day of Daylight Savings Time

I've always relished change.  Not necessarily the sort that comes with a new boss, a new TV season, or a new computer software upgrade!  (Some of the last changes to Microsoft Word were just downright stupid!) But the changes that come with the weather and the seasons?  I love those! I even like it when Daylight Savings Time ends and we switch back to Standard Time.

Here's how I spent the last day of Daylight Savings Time.

I started the day with a walk with friends around the lake in the little town of Lakeside just across the freeway from me.  I've been walking on Saturday mornings with Jane and Liz for 13 or 14 years.  (They've been walking together for more than 20!)  This morning we were treated to something fun.

A huge flock of pelicans stopping over at the lake on their migration south. 

Have you ever watched them fish?  They move like a corps de ballet, bobbing and gliding together.  It's not unusual for us to see small groups of pelicans, but never a group as large as this. (And, of course, I know that in some places this would be considered a very small group!)

Did you know that a group of pelicans is called a pod, scoop, or squadron?  I didn't!  I also didn't know that they are historically important in mythology and in Christian and heraldic iconography. 

Next up was a tour with another friend of some historic homes in the nearby town of La Mesa.  Some of you will laugh at what we here out West consider historic -- the homes on this tour were built between 1910-1930.

Glenn's and my plans for a quiet evening at home were scrapped when he had to round up his crew and head out to replace a water heater that was housed10 feet up in the ceiling of a restaurant.  He had a crummy (but lucrative) evening and didn't get home until after midnight.

After he left, I lit some candles and settled in for a quiet evening with the girls. 

As I lit those candles I couldn't help but think of the people still suffering from Hurricane Sandy.  I hope power is restored to all of them soon so they can begin rebuilding their lives. 


Lois said...

Poor Glenn, but nice day from start to finish, otherwise. My prayers are with those to the north of me too.

scotsmad said...

Candles are nice...when you don't really need them.

Looks like a great day out. We changed to Daylight Savings in early Oct.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

Taryn said...

Your pelicans must be the swans of the species. All the pelicans I see (Myrtle Beach area because Northern Va is too cold) are dull brown. Neat to see them eat though as they fly over the ocean and dive bomb the fish.