Saturday, September 1, 2012

Seven days

A week ago on Friday evening, I was attending an awards dinner at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  Yesterday evening, I attended a take-out Greek dinner at my kitchen table.  Both were great.  What a difference seven days can make!

Here's a recap of the past week:

Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  I like thistles.
Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  I like tile.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  I'm sure the statue is wonderful, but look at that window!

Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  I don't understand some art.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  Welcome sign at one of the entrances.  I love it.

Erika's house.  I enjoyed meals, glasses of wine and chatting in this comfortable, welcoming kitchen with a one-of-a-kind counter top made by my son-in-law.

Bailey often makes me think of cartoons.

A wake up call from my daughter and grandchildren-dogs.

Don't tell the other three, but Bonnie will always have first claim on my heart.

There's that cartoon look, again!

Do lots of acorns mean a cold winter?  If so, get ready!

A walk in the woods.

Grapes Erika helped pick and juice, turning into wine in her ice-box like first floor.  I like the word "carboy."
An almost unheard of luxury nowadays -- three whole seats to myself on the flight from Atlanta to San Diego.
Skies over the middle.
Sky over my house.

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scotsmad said...

Your photography is beautiful. It just captures all those wonderful things that make our lives rich.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy