Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend -- nearly no Corgi Content

I love weekends. Especially when a weekend means a visit from family that have been too far away for awhile.  My niece and her family recently moved back to Phoenix after living on the east coast for a year, and they drove over for a quick visit with us this past weekend.

While they were on their way, Liz and I sent photos of the summer thunderheads from our respective sides of the mountains between San Diego from Phoenix.

From my side (taken while safely stopped at a signal) :

From her side outside Yuma (taken while safely riding shotgun): 

When they arrived at our house we all headed out for frozen yogurt and the kids got to take turns riding to and from  Menchies with Glenn in his cute little, totally re-modeled by him, Porsche (with the top off, of course!)

Saturday morning after breakfast out, the guys headed to the Lego store and the girls to Jared's Real Food for some watermelon and green beans.  And guess what we did with the beans?  We made Dilly Beans using the recipe from the Food in Jars cookbook.  This little missy trimmed the ends off two pounds of green beans all by herself!

And, then she took the scraps out to the compost bin and announced to her mom that she wished they would get a compost bin!  (She learned all about composting at school a couple of years ago.)

Her mom and I sterilized jars, made brine, packed the jars with beans, boiling water processed them then stood back and looked at our work!  While we didn't discuss it, I was thinking how hard life must have been for a  pioneer woman (not this Pioneer Woman!)  While we were working, the dogs, my sister and the men were watching TV and some of them were snoring!

Later, when it had cooled off a bit, my nephew helped Glenn with grilling dinner. 

Then a water-balloon fight followed by root-beer floats and a viewing of "Tangled" brought the evening to a close.

My niece and her family had to head back to Phoenix Sunday morning and we miss them already!  The dogs were in Seventh Heaven with all the attention and I know for the next few mornings, they'll be checking the guest bedrooms doors each morning to smell if there are small people on the other side of the doors! 

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A-w-w! Now that's livin'! What fun!