Thursday, July 5, 2012


A year from today I will be retired!  After 44 years (with a three-year break after Erika was born) I won't be driving off to work.  44 years at the same place!  But, doing many different jobs.

I'm so excited about the free time I'll have to do all the things I've day-dreamed about doing but just haven't made time to do.

I've been making a list of "things to do"and right near the top is hiring a dog trainer to work with me at home to "fix" some of the bad habits I've allowed my dog-girls to develop.

Jumping on the patio door is right at the top of that list!


scotsmad said...

You'll soon realise how much work interferes with your social life.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Great Nose ART.

Lois said...

You lucky chick :-)....a few more for me, I'm thinkin', but the prospect truly delights !

Taryn said...

Yes, lucky you! Plus lucky to have stayed with the same company for so many years, and even better, the great place you work!

It'll be a while for me yet, but I do dream of the days of free time!