Sunday, June 10, 2012

The antler

Yesterday, I gave each of the girls an antler to chew on. 

We have not had good experiences with marrow bones lately.  Pumpkin believes ALL marrow bones belong to her and while Darby eventually ends up relinquishing hers, she puts up a good fight!  ( The fights sound and look perfectly horrible, but don't result in any injuries.  Still, they aren't something I want to continue.)

They both love bones and bones are so good for their teeth.  It finally occurred to me to try giving the bones to them in the contained atmosphere of the house where I could supervise and better control the situation.  But, ugh! Marrow bones are so messy!  But, duh!  Antlers are nice and clean! (So are these bones that Erika's dogs love. And, don't fight over.  But then, Bonnie and Bailey never fight over anything!)

Darby took her antler, ran to the dog bed under the computer desk and began gnawing away.

Pumpkin, it seems,  didn't know what to do! 

It was the strangest thing!  She walked around and around the downstairs, ran upstairs to the landing (one of her favorite spots) then back downstairs.

Then back up to the landing where she dropped the antler,

flopped down near it and stared at it! 
With bubbles of drool collecting on her chin. 

She never did chew on the antler and after a while I retrieved both antlers and set them aside for another time.

Silly girl! 


scotsmad said...

Maybe she's waiting for Darby to finish hers, so she can eat hers in front of her (Darby). You have the same pronoun problems we have with all the shes and hers.

We don't have antlers here, but we do have pigs ears, sheep ears and venison ears.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Anonymous said...

Pumpkin was trying to find a place to bury her antler. Our cardi, will carry bones around, inside, looking for the "right spot" to bury. Then he'll push imaginary dirt on top and pat it down to cover. I kid you not! He also will "bury" his food and when we give him popcorn.

Boo's Mom said...

Daisy, your explanation sounds like Pumpkin, the Lil' Shitski! But, Anonymous, I'll bet you're right. She buried a juicy, meaty marrow bone outside not too long ago and then got really cranky when Darby wandered by it!