Thursday, May 24, 2012


A tick!

Found firmly attached to my sweet Pumpkin-girl's ear!

The ear that stands up nicely like it should!

In 25 years of dog ownership, I've never seen a tick,  much less had to pick one off one of my dogs or cats! 

Since moving to this house 15 years ago, we've never even used flea medication on our animals because they've never had fleas, let alone TICKS!

Our vet says they are flooded with calls about ticks.  People in my Bible Study class last night said their animals are covered! And the local PetSmart has Advantix hidden away behind locked doors because gang members are stealing the (breathtakingly expensive) stuff and bootlegging it!

What's our world coming to???

P.S. The article I read about removing ticks said to have ready a bottle with alcohol into which to deposit the nasty creature so you can be sure it is dead. Evidently, the hideous creatures don't squash very easily and when they do, any bacteria (dear Lord!) that they are carrying is easily dispersed.  Why, tell me, was a creature as disgusting as this ever created? Surely God made a mistake?


charlene and Storm said...

god i hate ticks arent they vile. stormy use to get them quite a bit when he was younger but then i went all round my garden and made sure there was no way for hedgehogs to get in anymore and now hes not had ticks or fleas since. xxx when we use to take them off we would set them on fire with a lighter as revenge for touching our doggy he he he

Taryn said...

I DESPISE ticks! We have countless ticks here in Va. In one sitting I picked 15 ticks off of Jimmy! And most of the ticks in my area are infected with Lyme, Erlichia, or Rocky Mtn. Spotted Fever. It's just grotesque! I also despise having to put tick drops on my dogs, it's basically putting poison on them, but it's either that or constantly treating them with antibiotics!

Heidi Malott said...

shudder...we have ticks here in Indiana, especially in our wooded neighborhood. Treatment is very expensive, I just refilled our pup's meds. I came in from gardening and saw something out of the corner of my eye, I had a t-t-t-tick in my hair!!!! I screamed and flipped out. After my husband stopped laughing at my reaction he got it and killed it. Thanks for the bleach tip. I recently, heard on the news that Tide laundry detergent is being stolen and bootlegged. Not to sound too bleak, but the economy seems to bring on more blight everyday.

on that sunny note :D Have a peaceful Memorial day weekend!

Boo's Mom said...

Ha! So I am definitely not the only one totally disgusted by tics!