Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Corgi owner's* work is never done

I looked up from the computer a few minutes ago and saw the early morning sunlight slanting down the hallway with Pumpkin and Harry nicely posed, ready for a post-breakfast snooze.

It wasn't until after I took that first shot that I noticed this:

 There it is in every photo: 

You'd never know that Hortensia from Cecelia's Housekeeping worked here on Wednesday, would you? 
*I know many people are offended when a person calls herself the "owner" of a dog.  I once read a very passionate defense of that term by a woman who seemed to very much respect and love her dogs.  Like her, I don't feel like the owner of these two pups and one cat of mine, but other terms don't quite describe the relationship either, so for now I'm going to call myself their owner.  If for no other reason than this headline would never have worked:  "The work of a person who has responsibility for a Corgi, but does not "own" it because one being cannot "own" another being, is never done."

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scotsmad said...

Yeah, go with owner.

Looks like Pumpkin is just daring Harry to get in that sun puddle.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Then there will be more fur flying!