Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our Turn!

1. What was your favorite pastime when you were young?
Bonnie: I use to like playing with the Owen-cat.  He was my best friend.  I use to chew on his face and wrestle him in the foyer while the Ones Who Fed Me watched and laughed.  
Bailey: I use to play with all the dogs at my old mom's house.   I was a great play-er!  I would run around and play with my brothers and sisters all day long! 

2. What do you do for play now?
Bailey: I eat Bonnie.  She is old and a little cranky but if I grab the side of her face enough she'll chase after me and play. 
Bonnie:  I am not old and cranky.  I am refined.  I am a lady.  You are too young to understand.  Playing must be done spur of the moment, and then you must run around all the furniture at once in a well defined and organized path.  Then you must stop suddenly, get a drink of water and return to sleeping.  This is the way. 

3. If you could have one change in your life, right now, and have it stick, what would it be?
Bonnie: I would ask  the Ones Who Feed Me to switch back to the non-reduced fat food and to give me more than just one little half cup of food at a time.  I'm starving.  
Bailey: I want my mom to let me sleep in the bed with her every night. Not just on the nights when that smelly guy isn't home.  When he's gone I get to drool all over his pillow and snuggle up to mom.  She thinks I'm the greatest.  

4. What was your most memorable meal?
Bailey: Ummmm... I never get to enjoy my food because I am constantly watching to see if Bonnie is going to steal it from me. I don't taste my food I vacuum it down. 
Bonnie:  I know, it was the day I got TWO waffles.  Though there was this one time when I ate some lentils.  I thought that was going to be a great meal, and they did taste pretty good going down, but then my tummy hurt.  Of course I also ate some brown powder stuff while the Ones Who Feed Me were gone.  That tasted good going down AND coming back up.   I think there was also a time when...
Bailey: Seriously Bonnie, no wonder they call you a "chunker-monker."  Is all you think about food?  
Bonnie: Yes, pretty much.  Food is the reason we exist.  The only time food is not important is while chasing a ball.  

5. If you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing, what would it be?
Bailey:  'You will survive riding in this car... you will survive riding in this car... you will survive riding in this car... you will survive riding in this car... '
Bonnie: Nothing.  I have lived a perfect life.  I regret nothing... except that there has not been more food. 

6.)You find a $50 bill but you have to spend it right now—what do you buy?
Bonnie: Food.  The full-fat kind. 
Bailey: A muzzle for my 'chunker-monker' sister who always tries to eat all the food and barks at EV-ER-RY-THING! 

8.) What are the top 5 things on your bucket list?
Bonnie: is this bucket filled with food?  
Bailey: Seriously?  
Bonnie: It's a valid question.  
Bailey: (Sigh)


Boo's Mom said...

Ha! You made me laugh out loud. I thought Bonnie's most memorable meal would be that baby bird she gulped down before I could grab it. I'm still traumatized. Mom

scotsmad said...

Bonnie, we're with you on the FOOD thing!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

haopee said...

Number 6 is hilarious. I bet I'd spend it on treats or a bigger litter box...

Bucket list... the one filled with lots of chicken legs???

Huggies and Cheese,


Sarge said...

Wow, what a fun list! This made me BOL fur sure. Love that last question. I can relate because my tummy is on my mind constantly too. Speaking of that, wonder why I haven't been fed yet today? Hmmm.
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP