Wednesday, February 15, 2012

There and here

When Laura Ingalls and Manly drove their wagon off toward the Little House on the Prairie to-be, how did Ma and Pa stand it, knowing they would probably never see their daughter again?

I'll get to visit Erika, Christian, Bonnie and Bailey again in a few months and it was still hard to leave them!  But, it was good to get home to Glenn and my dog girls.

There and here -- funny how one's heart can be in multiple places.
Nice to start the morning with dogs.
They lied.  It was colder.  During the day and at night.
Wimpy Californian.
Antique store finds. 
Lost, but not lost, on Mt. Weather.  What really goes on on Mt. Weather?
They make 'em big in Maryland.
Snow.  This Californian was very pleased.
We drove into the snow, then less than an hour, right back out of it. 
Sunset off Erika's deck.
Brrrr!  Cold toes.  But, they didn't seem to mind.
Home with my girls. 

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scotsmad said...

Beautiful pictures.

At least there is loads of technology these days that children do no just leave and there's no news.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy