Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Cone of Shame

"I do not like the Cone of Shame" - Dug
As is often the case with good comedy, we are drawn to the humor in everyday situations.  If you have seen the movie UP then you have met Dug.  The loving dog with a collar that spoke his mind and let us, and the rest of the world, into the mind of a dog.  In the movie, Dug is forced to wear The Cone of Shame.  I find it sort of funny that these cones very much resemble a Dunce Hat.  Ohhhh the humiliation... 

Poor Bailey... Bailey does not like The Cone of Shame

Bailey had his "surgery" yesterday.  A little "snip snip."  He must wear the cone of shame while he is out of my sight and when I cannot stop him from licking the incision.  This means that Bailey really only has to wear the cone while I am gone from the house and at night.

Last night we came home and I was instructed to get him to let me "put a cold compress on the incision."  So, while my wonderful husband cooked us dinner I sat on the couch icing my poor dog's nether regions.  I really wanted to get a picture of that, but Christian said it would be too embarrassing for him.   I wish I had gotten a picture of Christian's face as the vet was explaining the procedure.  Trust me, it would have been a good picture.  :)

Bailey is recovering really well.  It his hard to keep him from playing with Bonnie so I have filled some bones with peanut butter and that seems to keep them occupied.   He goes back for a check up next week.

There is something about The Cone of Shame that brings out the best looks... :) 

Help! I'm trapped in The Cone of Shame and I can't get out! 


Sarge said...
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Sarge said...
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Sarge said...

Boy, I'm having a little trouble with my copy/paste/comments this morning.

Hey Bailey!
Wow, I feel your pain! Getting our bobbly-ectomy is no fun and the cone of shame is the worst! Looks like an upside down lampshade. Anyway, I'm glad your tutoring went well and I'm sending you my bestest healing vibes so you feel better fast!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Boo's Mom said...

OMG, Sarge. Bobbly-ectomy!!! What a great word! Poor Bailey. Erika give him an extra treat from Grandma.

Boo's Mom said...

P.S. Great photos, child of mine.

scotsmad said...

Poor Bailey! You'll be out of that in no time. The peanut butter bones is a great idea.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

Lois said...

Even coned up....adorable. Maybe more so. But as I told my neutralized boys, this too will pass.

Taryn said...

Poor Bailey! The hardest part is keeping them calm for a few days to let it all heal. Here's to a speedy recovery!

Matilda's Journey said...

Hi Bailey. I'm Kessie. I had that happen too. I really feel for you. You'll be good as new in no time, and I always say: it is good to have your mom doting on you!!!!

Nice to meet you. I'm the little brother of Matilda from

Yours in doggie bones and peanut butter,