Tuesday, February 7, 2012

But for the tree

But for the tree, I might have caught one that didn't get away!

I've seen Darby jump over the chaise lounge in our backyard twice but never had a camera ready.

This weekend, she almost did it again -- but the yard maintenance guys had moved the lounge from it's usual place and smack dab in front of a tree.

Time stamp -- 7:41:32

Time stamp -- 7:41:33
In the half second between those two shots, I could clearly see Darby swerve as she realized that big, ol' Alder was right in her way.

As thrilling (and scary) as it is to see her jump over something like that, what with those stubby little legs of hers, imagine what it was like the other morning when I told her "OFF" our bed and, rather than jumping off the relatively low side she uses to jump up,  she chose to jump OVER the footboard down to the floor -- a footboard that is at waist height for 5'1" me!    I wish I got a photo of that leap, because I don't want her to ever do it again -- and not because of the scratches she left in the footboard!  


Taryn said...

I hear you on the jumping off the bed! We have one of those extra-high 4-poster colonial-style beds, too high for the boys to even jump up on by themselves. So nothing freaks me out more than the doorbell ringing when Jimmy is up on the bed. He launches himself even higher into the air as he leaps for the door.
Way too long a drop for his stubby legs to deal with!

scotsmad said...

Darby must have wings on her feet. Quite a feat for a short-legged pup!!!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy