Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm one of "those" people...

One of "those" people who walks two dogs on one leash. 

One of "those" people I used to make fun of. 

The truth is, it's just easier to walk two dogs on one leash.  Trust me, I tried two leashes.  It only took one walk to convert.  Two short legged dogs tangled up in two leashes and pulling in two different directions.  Now when they pull in two directions, they pull against each other!  

Last night we had snow for about four hours and then it turned to freezing rain.  Freezing rain is one of the coolest things ever.  Unlike sleet or snow it falls as liquid and freezes all over the branches.  It happened once last year, but only once, so I figured the pups and I should get out and document it.

This is the walking path in our neighborhood.  It is about a mile in total and winds back behind the houses.  Last year, I took Bonnie on a walk through the snow along this same path.

The freezing rain coats the entire branch, all the way around.  Then it drips down and freezes into mini icicles.  Everything looks like it is shiny and coated in silver.  The effect is pretty cool.

If only I had a sleigh they could pull me in.

I captured this picture to demonstrate that two dogs hooked together do not always want to travel in the same direction.  I suppose this is a metaphor for marriage as well ;)

Can you find Bonnie and Bailey? 

Their coats blend perfectly with the ground in this picture! 

And finally, the last "icicles" of the day!!!   Our poor short legged dogs have to endure undercarriage wetness during all walks.  At least it didn't freeze while we were walking!


Boo's Mom said...

Great photos! That ice is way cool. Maybe we'll get some when I come visit in February! I'm one of "those" people, too. Mom

scotsmad said...

We got tricked at first....we thought we were in California. Then we realised it was Virginia.

We have tried two at once, but can't remember why we stopped. Oh well.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

Taryn said...

Great post! How were you able to walk on that path with it covered in ice? We got more of a crunchy snow up here in Ashburn. Slippery in spots, but it didn't coat the trees...

I haven't ever tried the double leash but I do know what you mean about getting tangled, esp. with two 26 foot flexies!

Lois said...

I so admire you for getting two of them on that leash ! And I love LOVE photos of ground and ice as backdrop for gorgeous dogs !