Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hey mom!... Look what I can do!

 So a week or so ago Bonnie and Bailey were in the middle of one of their play fights 
when I saw him do this! 

He was sitting up on his butt and almost batting her with his paws.  It looked a lot like boxing would look like if a T-rex could box.  Tiny little arms waving in the breeze and useless against the Bonster's relentless pursuit of his neck.  

He seems to do it all the time now.  Sometimes stopping and just sitting like that.  Looking at me, or Bonnie.  He seems comfortable but I really have no idea if I should encourage it or discourage it.  It's so darn cute I'm gonna have a hard time hearing that it's bad for his back (though I suspect it is).  

Here he is again.  For this one he just wanted to see what I was doing with the camera... and then...

Yep, here he is, just sitting looking at me.   What a goof ball.  
If it's not bad for him, I hope to train him to do it on command.  He is such a smart boy it shouldn't be very difficult.  :)  


Anonymous said...

He looks like he's doing a kangaroo imitation in the first image LOL!

Some corgis can do it & some can't -
my gracie can't

Maryk, owned by
Gracie, the blue CWC

Philly, PA

scotsmad said...

We think he wants a treat.....

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Boo's Mom said...

Your Bailey-boy sure is a cutie. In the morning before we head downstairs, Darby stops on the landing and sits up on her bottom just like Bailey is doing. I give her a good morning scratch and nuzzle, and then we head downstairs. That's the only time she ever does it. Pumpkin doesn't take after her brother in this regard; she never sits up like that. -- Mom

Taryn said...

He's SO adorable!

Neither of my guys can do that, but my first Cardi Dylan did it all the time. He used it to beg for things he wanted, like me to throw his frisbee.

It's actually a good core exercise from what I've heard, but it probably wouldn't be good for Bonnie to tackle him in that position.

Sammy said...

Sammy's PA here--

It shouldn't be a problem as long as Bonnie doesn't try to tackle him and he goes over backwards. I have had a number of cardigans that could sit like that, even as little puppies in the pen. His grandmother Jolee and Aunt Breezy could do it. Some of it comes down from Carbon who used to do it in the show ring--the crowd used to love it. Bailey has a nice, balanced butt, so that is why he can do it so easily.

Has he had his "surgery" yet? That might change things :-).


Spine and Injury Center of Fredericksburg said...

Hahahaha, no Leda, the snip snip happens on February 3rd ;)

Lois said...

A kangaroo, yes ! None of my corgis have ever done that ! It is cracking me up :-) so cute