Saturday, January 7, 2012

All in the family...

It has been a while since I have had the opportunity to post.  I admire my mom who seems up to the task even when she is in a different state and distracted by an unusual schedule and a kitchen floor remodel.  

While they were here visiting, my mom suggested that I attempt to re-create a sign similar to the one hanging over her couch at home.   It is a black wooden sign you may have seen in the background of a few of her posts.   Here is my attempt below.  I cannot take credit for the idea, but I like the way it turned out.   The letters could be a little more uniform, but I am pleased.   

Christian isn't too sure about having a very large corgi related sign for decor in our living room.  I told him I would take it down... but I'm gonna wait and hope he doesn't notice it after a while... then I can leave it up ;)

I think Bailey has finally adjusted to life in Virginia.  He LOVES the couch.   While I am doing this post he is laying on his back with his nose jammed up into the back of my knee.  Bonnie, who has never been one for sharing a comfortable spot, actually lays next to Bailey on the couch and will occasionally rest her head on him or allow him to do the same.  Bailey seems to like his face being squished up against things while he is sleeping.  

 As you all know, Bailey was Christian's and my Christmas present to each other.  We thought it might be nice to document that fact, but Bailey clearly was not pleased.  

 These pictures were taken on Christmas morning with my husband, Christian.  Christian loves Bailey.  

Look at this pretty blue boy!

Here is Bailey posing with the beautiful binder that Leda put together for him that came in the mail yesterday.   It is absolutely chocked full of ribbons!  There is also the blanket that he won at one of his shows.   He stayed right where I put him and posed so nicely for the camera.  He really is such a good boy :)

Thank you Leda for trusting that we would give your beautiful boy a good and loving home.  He's perfect for us.   :)


scotsmad said...

We love the sign....of course...if it had scotties it would be absolutely perfect..BOL!

Bailey was a wonderful Christmas present.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Boo's Mom said...

Your Blue-boy goes well with your furniture! (smile) I like that my granddaughter dog gets along so well with the newcomer! They are both such good pups! Mom