Thursday, December 29, 2011

The past three days

As always seems to be the case when we come visit Erika, we've filled our days to the MAX with activity.

Christmas Day, and the flight here from San Diego is something of a blur at this point. Then came the last minute revival of a fairly recently abandoned idea to replace the flooring in Erika's and Christian's kitchen--and the whirlwind of activity that created. Dinner and "Yankee" or "Dirty Santa" gift exchange with my nieces and their families ended our first full day here.

At 5:30 the next morning we set out for Gettysburg and a tour of the battlefield. If you go, consider the option of a guide who joins you in your car -- actually drives your car and takes you wherever you want and answers as many questions as you want -- for less than the price of three group-tour tickets. (That way you get to ask as many stupid questions as you want without having to listen to the stupid questions of people unrelated to you!) From there we headed east through pouring rain to Lancaster -- antique stores, a Pennsylvania Dutch pig-out dinner and a night at The Kitchen Kettle Inn which we highly recommend. Yesterday, the sun came out, the wind picked up and we drove through the "Farmland" outside of Lancaster stopping at still more antique stores, covered bridges, and for yummy food.

It was a great trip and one we look forward to taking again because for all we saw and did, there is still so much more to see and do!

Today, Erika and Christian are off to work, and Glenn and I are here finishing the floor and putting the kitchen back together.

But first, here are some photos from the last three days: (I'm still learning to use the Blogger app on my iPad. For some reason, the photos below are not displayed in the order in which I uploaded them. I can't figure out how to rearrange them and if I don't stop playing around with this and start helping Glenn with the kitchen floor, I'm gonna be in the dog house. Come to think of it, tho', with Bonnie and Bailey to join me, that might not be such a bad thing!)


Taryn said...

I LOVE that 2nd photo of Baily up close with Erika in the background! Really nice!

When you drove to Gettysburg, did you go up through the countryside? 17 North to 29 North to 15 North? If so, you were within about 10minutes of my house :-)

Boo's Mom said...

Taryn, that is just the way we went! I wondered at one point how close we were to you--I knew you were in that general area. Next time we'll holler!

scotsmad said...

Love those drives through Lancaster. SHE usually tries to fit one in when SHE visits VA.

Relaxing after your Christmas/floor activities.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy