Monday, December 12, 2011

Forget Apple Cores! Bonnie wants WAFFLES!

A loyal reader of this blog requested more videos, and since I am new to this and wanting of the blog-o-sphere's approval, I will be happy to give y'all exactly what you want.

A few months ago Christian and I made waffles for breakfast.  Christian loves waffles.  LOVES waffles.  Fortunately for our waistlines, waffles aren't too common of an occurrence. That is why when we had two leftover waffles I felt it was necessary to share with the Bonster.   The first waffle, not pictured in the video below, went down astonishingly quickly.  Quicker than I could have imagined was possible.  So, I decided the speed and agility must be documented.   The result can be seen below. 

* I understand that it is odd that a 27 year old girl would want to document her dog eating a waffle. I accept that I am odd... I got it from my mom ;)

The Bonster has a bottomless tummy. It also appears to be made of iron. Bonnie has eaten many things over the years.  One time, back in college, she got into our closet and "opened" an entire box of unfrozen otter pops.  A few months after that she decided two bags of green and orange uncooked lentils needed to be consumed.  Needless to say, she pooped green and orange confetti for two days (and had terrible gas).  I actually have pictures of this... but I won't share.  There was another time while camping that she managed to swallow half a corn cob.  The corn cob came out whole.  It must have scrubbed her clean.  ;)

When we moved to our apartment in San Jose she got into my emergency kit in the closet and proceeded to make fat-free pudding while we were gone and our friends Dan and Tamara were watching her.  We received a frantic call while we were gone that Bonnie had pooped everywhere!  When we got home, I realized it was pudding.  How does a corgi make pudding you might ask?  Easy!  Ingest several packets of chocolate pudding mix, let combine with stomach juices, proceed to barf it up all over the bedroom.   (I won't mention the hard time given to me by anyone who hears this story regarding how, in an emergency situation, I thought I would be able to make pudding -- don't ask).

The take home message here is that I rarely feed my dog anything other than her dog food.  Occasionally I will hand over some scraps of meat, or a can of green beans (thanks mom!).   I have been known to cook up some giblets for her at Thanksgiving... the occasional waffle.  Even though my girl doesn't get apple cores, grapes, chocolate, or anything else "poisonous" or "toxic" it is best to always be on guard.  Dogs are scavengers at heart and will find their way into just about anything whether you are feeding it to them accidentally or on purpose.

What are your dog "eating" stories???

- Erika, The Bonster, Rocco the Ferret (and on Wednesday the Bailey Butt too!)


Boo's Mom said...

Oh, dear, Erika! You'd better hope Leda doesn't read this post before she puts Bailey on the plane to come live with you -- she just might change her mind! (smile) Leda, I promise my daughter has done a lot of maturing since the lentil and chocolate pudding days!


Becky said...

Cute post! Love the video! My Buddy eats anything he can reach. Lots of blocked cabinets, etc. He has been known to open them. He once ate a whole box of cereal and a bag of cookies. Stomach must be cast iron. No problems except the shovel got extra use that day! The Bear has to be coaxed to eat. Don't you just love corgis. They make life so interesting.

Taryn said...

Great post! At least Bonnie chewed the waffle. I am sure my guys would have swallowed it whole!

My guys haven't eaten too many unapproved foodstuffs since they fortunately can't counter surf. But, and it's a big but, they scarf down poop, any and all varieties, with reckless abandon. It drives me nuts when we are out on a walk!

Frankie Furter said...

I've been known to eat Horse Poops from the Garden.. and stuffie Guts, and an occasional piece of stray paper. BaaaaaWaaaah
Wonder mom would even worry about a tiny apple seed???

scotsmad said...

Kendra is our cast iron stomach. She once ate a whole zuchinni that dropped on the floor.

We think Bonnie was thinkin' you were going to take her waffle and that's why she was eating on the run.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy