Friday, October 7, 2011


Well we did get some rain on Wednesday night -- after I created the post complaining about no rain. Sometimes complaining works!

Yesterday, while wandering around enjoying the cool air and the huge clouds of the on-its-way-out-of-here storm, I uprighted an empty clay pot that had fallen and out ran a small lizard.

Pumpkin was on that lizard in an instant!  She pounced on it with her FEET, then grabbed it in her mouth.

Here she is carrying it away out to the edge of the yard: 
If you're inclined to look closely, you can see the poor creature's tail hanging out of her mouth. 

I can't help but wonder, is the lizard scrabbling around in her mouth?  Does it tickle Pumpkin's mouth? What is the lizard thinking?

Here, Pumpkin is thinking about whether or not to respond to my command to "drop it."  Darby is thinking "I'm staying here by The One Who Feeds Us; if I get anywhere near that girl and her lizard, I'm bound to get snapped at!"

She finally dropped it and is now lying there, guarding it, wondering what will happen if she doesn't come as I asked her to do.  (Can't you just tell by the tilt of her head that the wheels are turning there in her brain?)

Yay!  She left it and came to me! 

But, she couldn't stay away. 

I suppose I should have let her have her catch -- nature is cruel and all that, and the lizard was probably half dead of fright, anyway.

But, I put an end to her fun -- and the lizard's torture -- by bringing both girls inside.

A professional hunting guide I could never be.

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scotsmad said...

We'd love to catch a lizard. We're always trying, put they're too quick for us.

We wouldn't be allowed to keep it either.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella