Sunday, September 18, 2011

In and Outside Sunday Morning

I love morning light at any time of year, but especially now.
North Carolina leaves rubbed by my grand-niece.  (The older nieces are pretty grand, too.)
Zinnias from my garden are offering up bouquets like this almost daily now!
Not the best photo, but I like something about the light.
One Who Feeds Us, you should have wiped the sleep from my eyes before you took the photo.
Smitten as I am with Pumpkin's coloring, I sometimes forget how really lovely Darby's coat is.
Like both photos, so I included both.  It IS my blog, after all. 
Sedum Autumn Joy from a cutting given to me by a friend several years ago.
One of several varieties of zinnia.
Basil thriving still! in the shade of tall, leafy zinnias and in companionship with bug-repelling marigolds.
Spinach thriving still! in the shade of rosemary and in companionship with marigolds.
Leaves changing.
Their tail-curls are so different.  Pumpkins always makes me think of a lightening bold, or an Aztec god.
Please ignore dust on the candle stick bases.


Becky said...

The pictures are so "Sunday!" Exactly how peaceful and beautiful it should be! Lucky you!

Francesca said...

what a sweet letter from your niece!