Monday, August 8, 2011

Vacation Photos

Vacation photos.

You've been warned...feel free to skip!
Seattle in our windshield
View from Ship Harbor Inn in Anacortes, WA on Saturday evening
View from our room at Ship Harbor Inn on Sunday morning.
If you are from the mid-west or east coast, please ignore the temperature reading.
Does this shadow make my butt look big?
We thought the name of this harbor was pronounced "Row-shay" but were told "Roach" is correct.  I like "Row-shay" better.
San Juan Park, San Juan Island
San Juan Park
The best dirty clothes bag ever.  Maybe Francesca will make one for you. 
Watching whales.  We saw a few.  Very far away.  Good for the whales; not so good for the watchers.
Climbing the tower, Mt. Constitution, Orcas Island
Just one view from the tower
Lopez Island.  We heard there was a 60's-70's hippie vibe on Lopez island.  This porta-potty at Agate Beach State Park says it all.
I think I managed to catch this photo through the window of a passing car.
Scooting around San Juan Island.  Glenn did the driving.  Wish I had tried it out! 
The ring leaders of the trip, Dale and Nancy, leading the way.
For you, Erika.
After dinner on our last evening in the Northwest.  On this trip.  I think we'll be going back!


Taryn said...

Lovely scenery. It is one of the corners of the US I haven't been to yet.....

Builder Mama said...

Beautiful! I've never been to that area either. It sounds like a wonderful trip!

ronstew said...

You missed the PNW Corgi Picnic on Saturday. Too bad - it was a great party. About a dozen cardis there.

scotsmad said...

Beautiful. And you can look back at your pictures and remember what the day was like.

XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella