Monday, August 22, 2011


I think I've shared my opinion about making comparisons between people -- it usually isn't a good idea because it is too easy for feelings to get hurt.  I'm reluctant to make comparisons even between Pumpkin and Darby because a "good" thing about one sort of implies a "bad" thing about the other.  But, I can't help but notice differences between the girls.  I wrote about a lot of them here.

Here are some more:

Darby prefers the right hand side of the sofa (as one looks at it), Pumpkin prefers the left.  But, they will switch off.

Darby is more inclined to sit in one of the wing chairs.  Pumpkin only gets into one of the wing chairs if I ask her to. 

Darby almost always snoozes on the dog bed under my computer desk. Sometimes Pumpkin joins her, but often she sleeps on the wood floor next to my chair.

Pumpkin loves to go outside; she never has to be coaxed out.  Darby only wants to go out if a human is going, too.  (Right now, Pumpkin is outside supervising Glenn as he paints some patio furniture.  Darby is under the computer table here with me.)

Darby STILL jumps up on me when I come home.  Pumpkin came to us with the good manners not to jump (thank you, Leda!) and she has never developed the bad habit.

Pumpkin has more tongue than her mouth seems able to contain sometimes.  Darby has the right amount of tongue.

Pumpkin drools.  Or maybe, more accurately, drips.  She often sits with her tongue hanging out slightly and it drips.  Darby only does that if she has been running.

Both girls eat too fast.

Darby is tall enough to steal paper towels out of the bathroom waste basket.  Pumpkin can't reach them unless the basket it filled to the brim (and fortunately, I'm a decent enough housekeeper not to let that happen too often.)

Pumpkin loves to steal things and then it seems she is so pleased with herself (or wracked with guilt?) that she has to parade by me with the item in her mouth.  Darby doesn't steal so much -- besides paper towels.  She has created a game.  In the morning, when I am sitting at the computer with a nice hot cup of coffee -- half coffee and have steamed and frothed milk, she goes into the bathroom and roots around in the waste basket.  I hear her, get up to pick up the paper she has strewn around, and she runs to the computer desk, flops her front feet onto the table and does her best to lap up the frothy milk.  After being fooled a few times, I now push my mug to the center of the table where she can't reach it.  Sometimes I forget and sometimes I leave it near the edge just for fun.

Darby seems more interested in interacting with Harrison, the cat, Pumpkin mostly wants to chase.  Darby nuzzles Harrison and walks along side him, brushes up against him and will happily sit with him on the same chair.

Pumpkin likes to be with The One Who Doesn't Feed Us more than Darby does, although they both like being with him a lot.

Pumpkin always lays with her head under my chair at the dinner table.  Darby usually lays to the left of my chair, but sometimes to the right.

Pumpkin likes to lay on the carpet in the bedroom or in our closet when we are getting going in the morning.  Darby is happy to lay on the tile, I think because she can get closer to me that way.

Darby seems to do "without" Pumpkin more easily than Pumpkin does without Darby.

I know I wouldn't want to do without either of these girls!


George the Lad said...

interesting read, I always wondered how a two dog family can get on, Darby and Pumpkin have got on well together, that could be down to their differences around the home.

Kelly said...

I love how dogs can have such different and distinct personalities :)

P.S. I hope to see some calendar entries from you for my contest this week! You have some great photos of those two! :)

Sarge said...

Wow, that's a pawesome list. Viva la difference! Love the tongue part. Too much tongue will cause me on that one! BOL
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

scotsmad said...

We are all different, too. Nice to read about the girl's idiosyncracies. We'd chase that cat, too.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella