Saturday, July 9, 2011

Non-Edible Chewies

Elizabeth over at Chronicles of Cardigan posted about the things her Cardigans like to chew -- the edible things they like to chew.  In the blog comments there is a mild, brief "argument" (for want of a better word) about the wisdom of giving marrow bones to dogs to chew.  (If you remember photos of my bone strewn house and yard, you'll remember which side of that argument I come down on!)

So while there are differing opinions on bully sticks, pig ears, naturally shed antlers and marrow bones, I don't think there would be any argument at all about the suitability of  little, decorative, wooden houses as dog chews.


I think Pumpkin must be Catholic like me.  She has a real need to confess transgressions.   Head bowed, she Army-crawled over to me a few minutes ago with the little house in her mouth.   I think the cleaning people must have placed it on one of the lower stair treads where she could reach it because the girls can't get their snouts between the railings. 

So, while we might disagree about whether or not marrow bones are good things for dogs to chew, I think we can all agree that little, decorative, wooden houses are most decidedly not

I just love the little outhouse.  My mom gave it to me many years ago.


Elizabeth said...

Oh my! (Thanks for sharing this.)

Well, maybe you can tell people it has "character" because a "tree" fell on it and call it a day. :)

The outhouse is cute!

Lois said...

Where's the remote ? :-)

Anonymous said...

I like Elizabeth's comment! It saves face for Pumpkin! Corgis seem to always act impulsively and then regret it!

scotsmad said...

We think you can pass it off as a disaster victim, too.

Bella was our wood chewer. We thought she was part termite. BUT she never felt guilty.

XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

Wyatt said...

Ruh Roh....Stanzie chewed some of the siding off the front porch in her puppyhood. I think I managed a chair leg or two...heehee