Monday, July 11, 2011

I would have lost

If I had bet which of the girls would brave the roar of the Dyson Monster to come to me when called, I would have lost!

Because I would have bet BIG TIME, that Darby would be the one to push her fear aside and scoot past the growling monster.

But it was the Pumpkin girl who found the courage! 

And, she received a nice cookie for being so brave!


Taryn said...

My guys are scared of the vacuum as well. I have never tried to test them. Sounds like fun! I think they are both such food pigs as well as competitive with each other that they would both brave it. I'll have to let you know :-)

Builder Mama said...

Nick is fascinated with the Dyson. Rufus kind of walks past and turns up his nose. I feel sorry for Darby, look at her ears! She obviously doesn't like that noisy thing.

Francesca said...

That's an interesting object. I've never seen anything like that, and I never heard of Dyson before. Unfortunately, something tells me it's not an object for leisure time :)