Friday, July 22, 2011

Come a little closer

I'm gonna have to teach the Pumpkin-girl to come a little closer before she drops the ball after retrieving it.

Darby couldn't drop it much closer if she tried!

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Taryn said...

Cute! My boy Dylan was a wonderful retriever! But he'd get so excited for the next throw, he would drop the frisbee too far from me. I would say "Can't reach!" and he would bring it closer, but still sometimes not close enough. I would say it again until he actually/eventually plopped it on my feet. I didn't deliberately teach him that cue, he just learned what it meant through trial and error, and the reward of getting the frisbee thrown again.

Wilson loves to rerieve as well and delivers the ball right to my outstreched hand.

Jimmy will go get the ball but does not want to give it back. He wants to be chased for it.