Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Light and dark

Light and dark.

Sunshine and shadow.

Ebony and ivory.

Black and white. 

Don't you wish all in life were so clear?


Anonymous said...

Cute Pictures. Buddy and The Bear wanted me to extend their belated birthday wishes. Their personal assistant has been very busy in the garden and time got away from them. Luke sends best wishes as well. He is very proud of Darby for wearing the hat. He had to wear one at his graduation from puppy school. He understands!!

So please let Pumpkin know we hope she has a wonderful year and we look forward to watching it unfold on the blog.

Luke's People, Buddy, The Bear and their Personal Assistant

scotsmad said...

We love black and white pictures, especially when they're in colour! BOL!

Our outdoor table is like yours except it turned white in the hot sun!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Boo's Mom said...

How nice to hear from Luke's people! I'll bet Buddy's PA is having a wonderful time playing in her garden--with that beautiful new fence surrounding it, who wouldn't want to spend all her time out there! Daisy and Co., our table is now spotted with green because Glenn has been using it as a paint table -- painting the fence he is building to keep the YOU-KNOW-WHO's out of my vegetable garden.