Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Protecting the garden from varmints

When I hopped on the current bandwagon headed for home grown vegetables, I chose to use large stock tanks for my plants because we have a problem with gophers and because I (erroneously) thought the relatively tall tanks would keep the girls away from the plants.

Well, I was right that the tanks would address the gopher problem, but not the the girl problem!  First Bonnie, then Darby and now Pumpkin learned that there were tasty treats in those big silver containers and all a girl had to do was stand on her back legs to get to them. 
Last winter

Bonnie and Darby last Fall

So, we're fencing them out!

For now, I'm using an ex-pen fortified by some well-placed patio chairs and bags of garden soil!  But, Glenn has already dug post holes, poured concrete, set posts and is well on the way to making me a lovely garden fence with a gate. 

That will keep these varmints out!


Taryn said...

I like the look of those stock tanks. Pretty cool way to grow your garden. I only grow tomatoes and the dogs have never shown any interest. The woodchuck living just outside out the fence definitely does! Last summer we took the boys out for a day of swimming or such, and left the yard unguarded. The woodchuck took advantage and cleared off all of my nearly ripe tomatoes, leaving his half eaten carnage in a trail to the fence. I was not amused!

Anonymous said...

We are working hard on our garden! But it doesn't look as good as yours. We're only going for flowers and grass. Vegetables might be to big an undertaking. The Bear is very interested in our gophers and we do have a visiting cat. But I don't think he'll come back soon. The Bear and I cornered him. He was black but I think we scared him gray.
We like to pick oranges! Maybe someday we'll get vegetables too with our friut!

scotsmad said...

The girls look a bit disgruntled now that you've closed the self service restaurant.

XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

Wyatt said...

Oh no, locked out of the garden...NO FAIR! Who will protect the plants from real varmits?


Boo's Mom said...

Taryn, Bonnie and Darby didn't bother the tomato plants but did steal any actual tomatoes that they could reach. Pumpkin actually rips out the plants! She doesn't eat them, but she destroys the plants, the little stinker. They both LOVE the bell pepper plants and eat leaves and stems. They both leave rosemary and sage alone for the most part, but LOVE just about anything else they can reach. Buddy, your new fence is a work of art; it is beautiful. I have a fence around our nectarine, lemon and tangerine trees, too, because the girls will eat the nectarines and play with the "balls" from the other two trees! Daisy, they do seem a little annoyed about the fence. And Wyatt, in this case the girls ARE the real varmints!!!