Saturday, May 28, 2011

Playing along


I'm usually not so good at playing along with the games that get passed around the "blogosphere."  But, I couldn't resist Sarge's request to play along with "Peeps on Parade."  Sarge is so sweet and he has the most interesting tongue; you oughta check it out!

Now, Sarge does his own blog posting, but Pumpkin and Darby don't -- they have to rely on me.  So, here are Pumpkin's and Darby's peeps on parade in the words of the peeps! 

1.  What your peeps do/did for a living: My name is Melissa and I work at the San Diego Zoo (and have for 41 years!) and Glenn is a self-employed general contractor who specializes in water heater installations, large and small. 

2. Your peeps' special hobby/talent:  Glenn is restoring the 914 Porsche he drove when we got married 29 years ago.   It has taken him three years to take it totally apart and put it back together again and he just started the engine up for the first time last night.  And, one of the cylinders isn't firing!  I like to knit, hook rugs, weave baskets, make soap and cheese -- things that a typical 18th century housewife would do.  But, I would not like to have to boil the laundry or use an outhouse like a typical 18th century housewife would have to do! 

3. Your favorite thing to do with your peeps:  Darby LOVES to retrieve tennis balls and Pumpkin loves to do anything with us -- especially cuddle on the sofa in the evening.  Pumpkin also LOVES to steal the TV remote--but she doesn't do that with us, only when we aren't looking!

4. Something serious and special about your peeps:  I am active on a committee that helps ensure that the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park are as accessible to and inclusive of people with disabilities as possible.  Access and inclusion are the law -- but more importantly, they are the right thing to do!   Glenn gets asked all the time to help friends and neighbors with problems around their homes and he never turns anyone down.  Years after Erika graduated from her small, Catholic grade school, Glenn is still helping there with repairs!

5. Something funny and special about your peeps:  Sarge, you stumped me here.  I just couldn't think of anything for either one of us!

Sarge also asked us to post a photo, so here's one of us from Erika's wedding in 2009: 

Thanks for the fun idea, Sarge! 

Seriously.  Go check out Sarge's tongue -- he has black and grey spots on it! 

Tomorrow is Pumpkin's FIRST BIRTHDAY,  as a couple of you correctly guessed, and we will be celebrating!  I'll post photos as soon as I take some! 


Sarge said...

Hey Darby & Pumpkin!
Wow, you guys have a totally pawesome set of peeps! My mom is going all crazy about your mom working at the zoo!! She used to work at a place for handicapped peeps so she also really apppreciates that you help peeps at the zoo. My dad is something he calls a motorhead (whatever) and thinks that porche project is really pawesome! I am so super glad that you pawticipated in my event so I can learn about your hu-pack. Thanks for being such a fun furiend. BTW: I kinda like my unique tongue too. teehee
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Sarge said...

Hi Darby... THIS is ME (Frankie Furter) who is Sarge's cussin. I am visiting at his house and using his computer.

Wow... guess what... My MOM has been to YOUR Mom's Zoo!!!AND she has met Jack Hannah. SO has Sarge's mom!!!!

Schnauzer Days said...

Hi Darby and Pumpkin! We came over from Sarge's blog and thought we'd say hi, your peeps sound wonderful and what smart looking humans they are too! I bet they don't look that neat and tiday when you've been out for a walk in the wind and rain ;-) Great to meet you, Dexter & Louis x

Elizabeth said...

I'm having fun reading through several of these posts today. :)

Awesome photo! Also, how lucky are you to work at that wonderful zoo?! I'm a little jealous. :)

I love how you've embraced 18th Century craftsmanship (I can see from your home photos that you like primitive and Shaker things) - especially since you're in CA. I love to go to Williamsburg and buy up the soaps and other handmade things. But you're right, not many people would want to live the backbreaking lives some of those women lived back then. Yay for large appliances!

scotsmad said...

Great post. You know the saying....behind every successful dog...

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

We love Sarge's spotted dog.

Wyatt said...

Hey Darby and Pumpkin,
Thanks fur sharing all about your peeps! Love their hobbies and passions :)