Monday, May 2, 2011

Look what Bonnie gets to do!

Bonnie's humans bought a bass boat and they take it out on the Potomac, and other of the tons of water places that are hard to imagine here in very Southern California, whenever they can. 

Please join my "Get Bonnie a Flotation Vest Before You Go Out Again, No Your Mother is Not Being a Worry-Wart" campaign.  Feel free to leave a pointed gentle comment for my sweet daughter, Bonnie's mom.

P.S.  I get to go see Bonnie -- and Erika and Christian, and my niece Melinda -- this week.  My sister and I are going to spend a few days with them.   Glenn gets to stay home with Pumpkin and Darby.  Pray for them.


Taryn said...

As someone who takes their dogs out on our jetski and canoeing, a lifevest is ESSENTIAL. Not only is it important in case of an accidental overboard incident, it also makes getting the dog in/out of the boat much easier. The vests have a handle across the top(back) and makes lifting them up (or out of the water) much better. I have been boating on the Potomac for years and the river has a very strong current, especially this time of year with the spring rains/floods. Also, you should be sure your dog knows how to swim. Yes, they all have the instinct, but they need to practice when it is not a panicked situation. I use the Outward Hound brand and ours have held up very well. They are still up in our attic but I can check on the size if you want....

Erika - If you are reading this - GET BONNIE A LIFEVEST!

scotsmad said...

Ditto to what Taryn said!

We're sure Pumpkin and Darby will take good care of Glenn.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Oh, have a great time with your family.

Sarge said...

Hey Darby!
Wow, Bonnie is one lucky hound! Water sports are the greatest! That boat is a pawesome way to enjoy the water. A vest is definitely since risking life and paw for a day on the waves!
Grr and a Swimmin' Woof,
Sarge, COP

Amy said...

Wow! What fun! I bet Bonnie really enjoys going out on the water!