Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pumpkin trouble -- AGAIN

There's that goody-two shoes, Darby!
Look at her--running so fast just because The One Who Feeds Us called her.
Harrumph! The One Who Feeds Us isn't going to give her anything to eat, but still she comes running!  Miss Never-does-anything-wrong! 
Maybe if I get in her way and stop her...
...she'll be the one who gets in trouble for a change! 


Sammy said...

I can just see her having this inner dialog. Is she a really bad girl? Or does she look bad because Darby is so good? Maybe Pumpkin just needs a job!

Check out Sammy's blog later. I think the balance of the agility pictures will end up on his blog.

We have another snow day--I am not sure why but I guess it involves possible liability for the university since we have such a litigious society. So now my classes are another day behind, oh well.


Boo's Mom said...

Awww--Pumpkin's not bad at all! She's just more boisterous and out going than Darby is! And, I'm not being as diligent about teaching her the rules as I was with Darby, in part because she is so darned cute!! BUT! I think she does need a job and I think Darby would benefit from one, too. So, home agility course here we come! Although it won't be as nice or as extensive as yours! (Darby is VERY good--and very, very responsive to me. She seems to interpret what I want--I can call her to me with just a nod of my head or even a hand gesture that I haven't taught her.I love BOTH of them. Just wish they wouldn't fight over food and bones!)

Be careful in the snow!

Melissa, the one who feeds them

Anonymous said...

So-o-o cute! Pumpkin, you're my kind of corgi! Just a little bit naughty. You go girl! Make life fun for everyone!
Buddy's person

scotsmad said...

Good tackle Pumpkin. I'm afraid we mainly respond to there-may-be-a-treat-in-this idea.

Bet it turned into a fun game anyway.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella