Thursday, January 27, 2011


I can just hear Pumpkin saying, "Bet you can't catch me!"

I took these photos a few days ago.  As far as I remember Darby never did catch Pumpkin, but they both kept racing around the backyard for quite some time!  I wish I captured on camera when Darby jumped over the white chaise lounge!


Taryn said...

If Darby was able to jump over that chaise, she needs to be doing agility! :-)

Boo's Mom said...

Her breeder, Leda, keeps encouraging me in that direction. When Darby gets wound up she jumps over lots of things. I was especially surprised because she never jumps up on the chaise to sit like Bonnie did and Pumpkin does. Oddly--Darby jumps OVER things when running at full-tilt but very, very rarely up ON to things from a standing-still position, and it is the opposite with Pumpkin and Bonnie.

Wyatt said...

Weeeee! That looks like fun!


Anonymous said...

Where does the energy come from?! Wish I had it! Buddy's not a jumper. He just found out he can get up on the couch and the bed by himself. I love agility training! I hope you do it. It'll be fun to watch on the blog.
Buddy's person

scotsmad said...

Go girls go! We love chasies. We usually change from chaser to chasee during our runs.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Boo's Mom said...

Daisy & Co, Darby and Pumpkin switch off being chaser and chasee many times, too. Pumpkin's person, Darby has a hard time jumping up on the sofa and sometimes has to try multiple times, but I almost think she could jump OVER the sofa if she had enough room and built up enough steam! They DO act like they are having fun, Wyatt! Too bad you can't join them. I saw one of you in the park outside my office today.