Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What they do when they think we are gone

Ever since Glenn's surgery in early November,  one or the other of us has been home at least part of most days.  Starting Tuesday, we'll both be back to work full time and Darby and Pumpkin will be back to the work-week routine of being outside all day.  I thought it would be good to wean them away from being inside with a human all day, and because I've always wonder what they do when we aren't here, I pretended to be gone for a few hours yesterday and sneaked peeks at them periodically.

Mostly, they spent their time wandering around the backyard, sometimes stopping to eat grass and sometimes chasing each other around in a frapping pas de duex.  At one point, they were both standing up against my stock tank planters nibbling at whatever herbs and vegetable leaves had grown to within their reach, and once I caught Pumpkin pulling a tangerine off the tree.  She didn't eat it.  At one point it occurred to me to bring my camera with me when I checked on them and I was glad I did:

Glenn will be happy to know the girls find the Adirondack chairs he built comfortable enough for sleeping.

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Francesca said...

Your backyard look so green and summery! It'll be a nice place - with comfy chairs:) - for your dogs while you're at work.