Thursday, December 16, 2010

More of the season


And one just plain cute photo:


Taryn said...

It is snowing up a storm here, with Fredericksburg getting even more.....I expect to see pictures of Bonnie in the snow posted to your blog! ....please..... :-)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Such sweet dogs! Even If one is a little naughty.

melissa said...

Taryn, I got a text from Erika's husband at 2:00 your time saying they have 3 inches on the ground. I forwarded your comment to Erika with an added comment saying "Bonnie's "public" is waiting." Stay warm and safe and enjoy your snow. At least it isn't 87 degrees here today like it was last Sunday.

Thanks for the compliment, Becky. I turned the first year of the blog into a book and am going to do another one with the second year, so I've started including more photos that are of interest to me if not to my very few readers, so I'm glad to hear you think these are nice.

I LOVE the Pumpkin-girl. I hope that comes across even as I jokingly say how crazy she makes me!

Anonymous said...

You can tell both your girls are dearly loved. I love Buddy so much, but I also love that he's a little bit naughty. Makes life more fun! Gives me a good laugh everyday!