Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today was the first day in nearly a month when neither Glenn nor I were home during the day and the girls spent the whole day outside.  (I went back to work full time this week and Glenn spent nearly the whole day at his shop.  He continues to do well and will start out-patient physical therapy later this week.)

I think Darby and Pumpkin must have spent the whole day playing--rather than sleeping on the sofa like they did every day for the last month--because right after their dinner they sacked out and haven't moved since!

So, today (yesterday when this is posted) was another day when Harry provided the only photo worth sharing:

Harry found the hide-y spot under the top of my new table shortly after it was delivered and has hidden out under there several times since.  This time I managed to get a photo!


Taryn said...

Harry looks slightly perturbed by being found in his new spot. He was probably hoping to keep it to himself.

Anonymous said...

Hello Harry! I don't know many cats but you sure are a handsome one!

Boo's Mom said...

Taryn, you know cats--he WAS annoyed and jumped down and huffed off right after this photo. Buddy, Harry is a very nice looking cat. He is BIG, too. Heavier than Pumpkin!

Francesca said...

I hope Glenn is doing well!