Thursday, November 11, 2010

Total Hip Arthroplasty

Total hip arthroplasty -- Glenn got one.  But, trust me, you don't want one unless you really, really need one!

Glenn's hip replacement surgery went well.  When I left him last night, he was eating ice chips and wishing for real food and pain medication.  I chose the nurse's appearance as my time to say goodnight thinking that whatever pain med she gave him was probably going to put him to sleep.  The doctor said the surgery went well, and we have every reason to believe Glenn's recovery will go well, too.

No new photos of the dogs and no new stories to tell except to say it is so nice to have good neighbors who will look after one's animals when there is a need.

On the way to the hospital I teased Glenn that I was going to let the girls sleep with me while he was gone.  But, I'm a good wife, I wouldn't do that!

I also teased him that I was going to post the photo I took of him all decked out ready for surgery.  I'm a good wife, but this is just too good to resist:


Taryn said...

Sending Glenn best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Sammy said...

Will they let Pumpkin visit in the hospital? That would cheer him up--and she could sleep in the bed with him to keep him warm.


Peanut said...

Hip replacement must be a harsh operation! Hope Glenn only gets better!