Saturday, November 13, 2010


I'm reading--for the second time--the beginning agility book Leda sent along with the Pumpkin-smell several weeks ago.  Yesterday morning when Pumpkin and Darby were playing on the bed, Pumpkin decided she wanted to read it, too!

P.S.  I brought Glenn home yesterday afternoon--almost exactly 48 hours after he went in to surgery!  Amazing, isn't it? When we pulled up to the house,  he stood around outside talking with the nice young man who, with his wife and three children, bought the house next door to us, then he walked into the house with just the smallest amount of help from a pair of crutches.  Walking doesn't seem to be a problem and in fact is pain free now, hooray!  BUT, sitting down, standing up, getting into a car, into bed, etc., is very difficult at this point.  No bending to pick up things off the ground, no putting on socks or tying shoes--there are lots of things he won't be doing for quite awhile.  BUT!  The achy, nasty hip bone is gone replaced by some miracle of modern technology.  And, we're glad!  Thanks for all the good wishes. 


Peanut said...

Bless Glenn. Pumpkin is such a human! :)

Anonymous said...

We send quick recovery wishes for your Glenn!