Friday, November 19, 2010

Don't try that with a bone

Pumpkin nabbed a ball that I threw for Darby.

At first, Darby looked at me in what I would have sworn was an attempt to say "Get it for me" or something similar.

And, when I didn't move, she went after the ball herself!

Pumpkin's body language tells me that she was very aware of Darby's attempt to sneak in and get the ball.

Darby managed to snag the ball and dart away without the wrath of Pumpkin descending on her. 
There is NO way Darby would try to do that with a bone!  She knows she might not live to tell the tale!


Anonymous said...

Cute! Love the look on Darby's face!

Peanut said...

Dogs are like mimes. They do have voices, but mostly they use body language for almost everything! (especially pumpkin!)