Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Doin' The Chelsea

When Erika was away attending the University of California at Davis she had a roommate named Chelsea.  Chelsea used to imitate Bonnie's habit of turning her head (and thereby her big, radar ears) from side to side as she tried to figure out what was being said to her or asked of her.  Chelsea would hold her cupped hands on either side of her head and turn it side to side and all of us would crack up.  After that, whenever Bonnie did the head tilting thing, I called it "Doin' The Chelsea."

Darby has only done The Chelsea a couple of times.  Usually she just stares straight at me, with those soft, cow eyes of hers. 

But the Pumpkin-pie girl does The Chelsea a LOT.

Like this morning when I snapped these photos right in a row:

P.S.  I know Darby's nails are too long.  She happily lets me brush her teeth, clean her ears, wipe her eyes, brush her, and even trim the fur between her toes.  BUT she HATES having me trim her nails and she has hated it from the very beginning.  When we were walking a lot the concrete kept them worn down.  Chasing tennis balls on the grass just doesn't have the same result.  We haven't been walking so much, but will be starting again when things get back to normal around here.  

In these photos Pumpkin looks like she is nearly as big as Darby, but she is much smaller.  Just a tiny bit of a thing and as sweet as can be. 


Anonymous said...

Now that's cute! Love the airplane ears. What a corgi! Hope your husband is mending well and you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! Buddy has reached his weight goal so he should get some turkey!


Peanut said...

The ears!!!!! Don't worry about the nail thing, when Peanut was a puppy, he peed whenever I trimmed his nails, but now he's used to it all. We use Pedipaws but the sand paper stuff that trims runs out fast. :(

Amy said...

Hahaha! So funny! Thanks for making me laugh! :)