Sunday, October 24, 2010

Like Mother Like Daughter

I've been told I look like my mother--more so as I get older.  We share brown eyes, brown hair and being short. When I look at myself I sometimes see some resemblance, but not often.  I am lucky to take after her as far as gray hair is concerned--when she died at 87 her hair was still 75% brown; she was the only dark head in a sea of gray ones at her assisted living facility.  I'm 57 and can count my gray hairs quite easily--although the count is going up all the time! So, it seems I do really resemble her in that area, at least.

Pumpkin resembles her mother a lot!
This is Champion Coedwig's Painted Lady "Vickie."  Isn't "Painted Lady" the perfect name for this tri-colored beauty?

Here's a photo of Leda just after she and Vickie accomplished something good at a dog show!

 Isn't this a cute photo of Vickie peeking out from behind something/someone?

And here is the one of her offspring that I'm lucky enough to have.  Same coloring as her mom, although Pumpkin has more black on her face than her mom does.

Here's Vickie as a pup--just a little younger than Pumpkin is now.  Pretty impressive set of ears, huh?

I think it is interesting that both of the pups I lucked out with resemble their mothers.  Remember these photos of Darby and Bryn (Champion Coedwig's Temptation)?


In their case, it is the pup who has more white on her face than the mom--but not by much.

Two lovely moms and their lovely daughters!

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