Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Heading home

Well, I'm at the airport about to head home. What a great few days! I got Bonnie home where she belongs and she seems very happy if a bit unsure about Rocco the ferret. I spent some time getting to know my son-in-law, saw his and my daughter's lovely new home and slept very well under their roof. The weather was great-cool with some rain that this rain-starved Californian really enjoyed. I saw sheep, went to a REAL pumpkin patch, bought wool, met Taryn and her boys and watched Taryn and Jimmy FLY around the agility course. I ate great dinners (including one where we stumbled on a tattoo artists gallery showing that was being held in the restaurant. We have no tats, but they let us in anyway and served me a GREAT crab cake sandwich.) And maybe best of all, my girl and my granddaughter dog snuggled in my bed with me three mornings talking and laughing and arguing. (we like to argue.)

But now it's time to go home to my husband and my Darby-girl; I'm anxious to see them!

Then! Then, the count down to Pumpkin-time starts!

P.S. Photos when I'm back with my "real" computer.

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Taryn said...

Safe travels! I am glad I got to meet you during your visit!