Thursday, September 9, 2010


I'm one of the very few gardeners in all of history who has managed to grown just enough zucchini.  Not so much that I am forced to sneak it onto my neighbors porches or come up with strange recipes into which to incorporate it--just enough to keep Glenn and me enjoying zucchini without getting sick of it.  I did this by planting two seeds.  Exactly two.  Both of which sprouted and grew.  I plan to do the same thing next year. 

Someone else is enjoying my zucchini--but not the vegetable.  Someone is eating the leaves!  The prickly, tough leaves that cause me to itch when my bare skin brushes up against them. 

The prickles don't seem to bother Bonnie! But, Darby isn't interested at all.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Bonnie, it's me Buddy!
I really like plants, too. Very tasty. We are working on a garden like Johnny Crow's (It's a nursery rhyme book) I've promised not to eat any of the plants. My person has enough trouble growing plants. Even her silk flowers wilt. Bon Appetit

Rocco said...

Hi Darbs,

Here is my new blog address, had to dump the other one.

Love, Dad

christian and erika said...

I was showing Christian the pictures of Bonnie eating the plants and he said "WHAT is she eating?" and I said "the zucchini leaves and stems" and he said " I believe it, I BELIEVE it."

We miss our girl.