Thursday, September 30, 2010

We're ready!

Bonnie and I are ready for our big adventure on Friday. Her crate is marked, a water cup is secured to the door, a bag of food is taped to the top and her crate is lined with a cozy fleece pad. 
The crate is actually Darby's car crate.  Darby was acting nervous as we fiddled with securing the water cup--she kept jumping in and out of the crate -- as if she were claiming it!
St. Francis is going along with my Bon-Bon granddaughter dog to help her get safely across the US and home to her mom. 

Say a prayer, cross your fingers, think good thoughts -- whatever your personal beliefs allow -- to help us both travel safely. 

Oh yeah, and say a prayer, cross your fingers and think good thoughts that Darby doesn't drive Glenn crazy enough to give her away before I get back!!


Dog crates said...

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Taryn said...

Best of Luck to you and Bonnie! Hope to see you on Saturday if it works out!

Taryn said...

Oh, and be sure to bring Bonnie! We woouldn't want to miss that photo-op!

Anonymous said...

Have a great, fun safe trip. We will hold good thoughts, keep you in our prayers, keep our fingers, and paws crossed... You got it all!
Buddy and Becky