Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well, darn

Well, darn it!  #23 didn't make the final cut over at the Corgi Butts 2011 Corgis with Blogs Calendar contest, but it sure was exciting to make it into the group of 30 finalists!   What a fun contest! 

Thank you to everyone who voted for my girl.  You can be sure we'll try again next year!  I think I had better sign up for that photography class I've been thinking of taking. 

Head on over to Corgi Butts  to see the winning photos and check back there periodically to see when the calendars will be available for sale.

Thanks, again!

Melissa and Darby


Rocco said...

Sammy here--

You my not have been a finalist but your the best to me. I read that they are going to make an 18 months calendar, so that every one will be in the calendar, so maybe Darby will still be in the calendar.

Your brother Sammy,

Rocco said...

Hi Darby,

Your dad is proud of you. You made the final 30 and that says a lot. Like Sammy said I think you will be in the final calendar if I read what the post said about an 18month calendar is correct. I will certainly make sure my human gets a least one calendar.

Next year, though, you may have to compete against Pumpkin!


Your Dad Rocco

Boo's Mom said...

Awwww. Thanks for the encouraging words, guys. I think you're right that Darby will make the calendar--just won't have a month to herself. She didn't have to compete against Bonnie this year, because technically, Bonnie doesn't have a blog. Maybe Corgi Butts will let me enter Darby and Pumpkin together so we don't have to have any rivalry!

It occurred to me that DARBY didn't lose, it was my photography skills that did!! But it was still pretty cool to make the finalist round.

Darby's person, Melissa

Kelly said...

She will have a month to herself in the 18 month calendar :)

Boo's Mom said...

Kelly--OK. I'm dense. Are you doing two different calendars? One with the 12 "people's" winners and one with the other 18 finalists? If so, wow! How cool! How very kind of you to keep the 18 of us from being disappointed! (I thought the remaining 18 would be together on the 6 extra month pages--collage-like.) No matter, it was a fun contest and I was thrilled to make your cut! Thank you. Melissa