Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dog pile!

Where's Pumpkin???
Can you see her little nose and little toes sticking out of that pile of Cardigans?

Here's another photo of her brawling with Bailey and one of Leda's other dogs. (Her tri-coloredness gives me goose bumps! See how Bailey is biting her front leg? I want to do that to her back leg where the white, brown and tan all come together. I won't, but I want to! If you think I'm strange, go check out The Pioneer Woman's blog.  She who claims to be "Plowing through life in the country -- one calf nut at a time." She has great recipes, too.  Ones that don't involve "calf nuts.") 

I think Pumpkin and Darby are going to have great fun together. Bonnie and Darby play a LOT, but Bonnie usually gives up long before Darby is ready to. Darby keeps trying to engage Bonnie by play bowing and sneaking little playful bites, but when Bonnie is done, she is done and she lets Darby know that in no uncertain terms! Darby often looks like she's thinking, "Darn, and it was just getting fun."

I think Pumpkin is going to give her a run for her money! (Whatever the heck that means!)


Sammy said...

Sammy here,

Well Darbs may not know what she is in for. Pumpkin is the go-go-bone girl around here. When everyone wants to take a nap, she is still going a mile a minute. And this morning, she went way down to the farside of the yard and came back with a bone in her mouth almost as big as she is! So you better be prepared Darbs--no sleep, no bones--as long as the Pumpkin is around.

Your brother Sammy

Boo's Mom said...

Uh, oh! The bone-locker is empty. I had better stock up!