Thursday, July 15, 2010

Convincing Glenn

So.  Glenn wasn't really ready for a puppy when Darby came to live with us; he wanted the freedom of no dogs at home for awhile and I wore him down.  (smile)  But, I resigned myself to having just one dog, even though I wasn't too happy about it.  I decided one dog and a marriage was better than two dogs and a divorce!

Then Bonnie came to live with us when Erika left to do her internship and Christian's work hours wouldn't allow him to keep her.  At this point, Darby has spent most of her life either with her litter mates or with Bonnie for company when she couldn't be with humans.

When Bonnie goes to Erika and Christian in their new home in Virginia this fall when the weather cools off enough to allow her to be shipped, can you imagine how lonely Darby will be?*

I think Darby needs one of these:**
Don't you think so, too?

Now, I just have to convince Glenn. 

* (I think Bonnie will be lonely, too, but she spent the first five years of her life as the only dog -- a position I think she just might be happy to resume!)

** This little tri-colored Cardi is named Pumpkin.  Her registered name is (tentatively) "Coedwig's American Pie" and Leda is reserving her for me for a bit while I work on wearing Glenn down again!


That corgi :) said...

I don't think the link worked so I could see the picture of your new dog (I'm sure you will wear Glenn down, LOL) but I'm sure it is a gorgeous dog! honestly, I would think of a second dog here except we are renting and don't want to pay another pet deposit (and the fact Koda doesn't like other dogs, LOL)

I do believe Darby will be lonely once Bonnie goes home. I do believe you also have a big enough yard to accommodate two corgis


Amy said...

She is ADORABLE! Yes, yes. Darby definitely needs a friend. You can tell Glenn that I cast my vote in favor of Team Pumpkin! :-P

~Amy :)