Thursday, July 29, 2010

Balls in the air

I left work today feeling that I am trying to keep too many balls in the air.

I'm worried that the outcome won't be as much fun as these balls in the air:

 I love this one of the moon over our house the night before Erika's and Christian's wedding last September.

P.S. Hey, Glenn. Can I have the Pumpkin-girl? Pretty please??


That corgi :) said...

hugs to you; hope everything is okay; loved all the ball pictures, loved the decorations and moon for Erika's/Christian's wedding last year; very pretty!!!

geesh, Glen...........just say yes!!!


Buddy said...

Hi! Darby and Bonnie, its me Buddy,
You are such lucky girls. Nothing beats family! I luv it! You go girls!