Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The magic has worn off

Well, it looks like the magic in Leda's Magic Gopher Cure has worn out.

Not only that, but it seems we might have made the gophers real mad.

There are no new holes in the lawn, and weirdly, the miniature golf type-holes that I featured in a previous post are now full of dirt.

But, look at this:

The little stinkers appear to be trying to tunnel UNDER our poured concrete BBQ island!   Our backyard is looking like a war zone.   The Gopher War continues!*

I just wish we could blame the gophers for the peeling stucco ("No! Leave it!  It looks like old buildings in Italy!" Ha!) and the exposed pipes with peeling tape!

* I suppose I shouldn't be so flip with my use of a war analogy, what with the many real and terrible wars that continue to be fought around the world.  But, the soup you're in is the one that gets up your nose.  


Play it Again Sam said...

Perhaps you have to keep repeating the treatment until they are totally out of the area looking for greener dirt. The smell probably wears off and doesn't offend their noses any more.

Don't give up, just keep those amonnia soaked sheets coming--perhaps it takes a while for the ground to become totally permeated with that smell.

Your Bro Sammy

Boo's Mom said...

Well, duh! Of course, Sammy, that makes sense that I would have to repeat the treatment! I guess I REALLY believed in the magic/miracle qualities of the cure, didn't I?

I'm heading outside with my bucket, ammonia and Bounce sheets.

I hope I can find some holes!!

Thanks, Sammy!


That corgi :) said...

read the comments; hope the extra treatment does the trick. But it does look like you angered them a bit. good luck!