Tuesday, May 11, 2010

La difference

Of course, Darby and Bonnie have more similarities than they do differences, but there are some differences that standout.  Bonnie is the canine equivalent of a tightrope walker.  She jumps up onto and walks along the edges of things that I've never seen Darby show the slightest interest in.   Like the low walls we have separating areas of our yard.
She is currently very interested in something in the woodpile and jumps up onto the wall next to the wood cart, then pokes around in the wood.  (I think the "something" in there might be lizards; I'm worried it might be mice.)

I think it is frustrating for Darby, when Bonnie trots along slightly above her in a place Darby has never dared go herself.

And, since she seems frustrated, I wonder why she never jumps up on the walls, even now after seeing Bonnie regularly cruising along on them. 
When I look at the two dogs, I can't see any physical difference that would explain why Bonnie is so much more agile off the ground and on narrow ledges, while Darby leaves Bonnie in the dust when they race around the backyard.   But the difference is there!

Vive la difference!

P.S.  Don't tell Glenn I didn't wind the hose back up!

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christian and erika said...

you know, you can teach her to do that if you really feel that she is feeling left out. :) I taught bonnie to jump up on stuff like that when she was a puppy.