Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bonus: What's wrong with these photos? *

*That is, what's wrong aside from the fact that the photos are out of focus, there is STILL a chair holding one of the grill storage area doors shut, and everything needs to be swept.

I told you Bonnie is a climber! 


That corgi :) said...

wow! but how does she get down? that would worry me a bit


Boo's Mom said...

Hi Betty. She jumps into the big planter on the back side of the grill island, then up onto the island itself. To get down, she just reverses it..down into the planter, then down to the ground. One of our old dogs used to do that, too. Funny to look outside and see a dog up there!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Bonnie! It's me Buddy,
Very impressive! I can't even get on the couch yet.
Where's Darby? Are you teasing her?
Luke does that to me when he gets up on the chair.