Monday, April 5, 2010


I don't have any photos to go with today's post, but am reporting that we are all just fine after the l-o-n-n-n-n-g-e-s-t earthquake any of the seven of us gathered around our dining room table for Easter dinner had ever felt!

The earthquake was so long, that being the crass, nothing-is-sacred people we are, someone IMMEDIATELY proposed a bet to see who would best guess the duration.

The $7 pot (25 cents of which were loaned by me to my sister-in-law Jean) was initially awarded to Jean (who returned my 25 cents) but it's now being transferred to our friend Jane who guessed correctly at "nearly a minute."

So, this is Darby's Daily, right? I should be reporting on how the earthquake affected the girls, right? Well, it appeared not to bother them in the least. I wish I could blame Darby's exuberant, happy behavior that landed her in her crate during dinner on some sort of premonition on her part, but I can't honestly do that. Neither dog made a peep until the last few seconds of the quake and then I'm not sure if they were barking because of the quake or because of our excited, nervous talking and laughing. We had a smaller aftershock at 4:15 this morning. I was half asleep and heard the globes on the lamps in our bedroom rattling. Again, the dogs didn't seem aware of the quake before it happened, but both of them growled a bit at the rattling.

We decided at dinner that Darby didn't warn us of the earthquake because she is from Arkansas and doesn't have those skills. (smile) But, we forgot that Bonnie is a California girl and she didn't warn us either! Harry, the cat, was in the laundry room so we don't know if he tried to warn us or not!

Well, I'm off to inventory our earthquake kit!


Anonymous said...

Hi Darby, it's me Buddy!
You are very brave if the earthquake did scare you. I spent the rest of the day right at the feet of my person. I guess I'm not as tough as I thought I was. Looks like you had a happy Easter! We did too. We haven't been blogging but caught up on yours. It's always fun! Enjoy it. My person fancies herself an author and is writing an ebook so our time is spent at the computer until she runs out of ideas. I'm lucky though, at least I still get to walk. Agility school was a total failure. Can you imagine, she couldn't keep up with me!


That corgi :) said...

glad you are safe!!! that was a long earthquake from what people are telling me. Funny thing is son and his girlfriend felt it. They were watching a movie and the futon started shaking. They thought it was first part of the movie (2012) but realized it was an earthquake. They come out to say something to us. I was walking around the house doing this or that and I didn't feel it. We said, mark the time and we'll see if it was an earthquake. Sure enough, we take Koda to Pet Smart and the first thing when we go into the store someone said "did you feel the earthquake".

Too cute about making bets about it; we would have done the same thing if we had experienced it, I'm sure.

too cute too that the dogs didn't warn you. Koda has slept through the majority of earthquakes we have felt.

again, glad all are safe :)

(and you are right, the drive-in church was in California, in Chula Vista :)


Amy said...

That was by far the longest earthquake I have ever experienced too!! We were in town when it happened. Not too much destruction up in Alpine, just one box fell in Dan & Cindy's garage. I hear you are getting more than your fair share of aftershocks as well!!