Thursday, March 18, 2010

So long, Wendy, Mike, Bryn and Dinah!

Wendy, Mike, Bryn and Dina have two more full days in San Diego -- they head home to Maine on Saturday morning. (Glenn keeps marveling that San Diego and Portland, Maine are about as far away from each other as you can get without leaving the US!)

I'm having lunch with Wendy, Mike and the girls tomorrow and hope they will have time to come up to my office to meet my coworker Dawn,  the person who shares credit for this incredible story with my dentist's receptionist and the missing "0."  I guess it could be argued that it wouldn't have happened without the missing "0," but, it also wouldn't have happened if Dawn hadn't placed that phone call!  Regardless of who gets the most credit, I'm just glad all the pieces fell into place! 

These are my favorite photos of Wendy and Mike:

So, anyone wanna guess if that is Darby or Bryn? (I blurred the name tag and collar to make it more difficult!)


That corgi :) said...

I'm going to say Bryn, but then I'm probably wrong, LOL

I am glad it all came together and you got to hang out with two very special people and of course their furry friends too


Cassie said...

Hi! I'm Cassie and I actually have Bryn's litter mate, Spencer. I'm from San Diego, but currently reside in NC. (Ugh!) We'll be meeting Mike & Wendy, as well as Bryn & Dinah soon. :) Cool story about how you guys met! Darby sure is a cutie. :)

Boo's Mom said...

Hi, Cassie. Wendy and Mike told me about you and Spencer. How fun is that! Our story IS a good one, isn't it? Almost too hard to believe!

I have family is Swansboro, NC. Sure is pretty, but it is awfully hot and humid.

Let me know how the meeting goes!