Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I love the very precise way Darby retrieves a ball and then carefully deposits it at my feet. She doesn't want me to take it out of her mouth. I know I could work on this with her, but have never bothered because she so carefully drops it at my feet that I can almost always stop it with my foot, then bend over (which is good for me!) and pick it up.

You know I love Bonnie, but she doesn't compare to Darby in the deposit-after-retrieving department. She comes charging in with the ball, let's go of it while she is still running and I often have to go searching for it!

This afternoon I sat on the ground outside throwing the ball for the girls.

This is how carefully Darby placed the ball each time:



That corgi :) said...

she does have a knack about it, doesn't she?? tooo cute! love your new blog header picture too :)

(we are getting some rain tonight)


Amy said...

Such a good girl! And it doesn't even look that slobbery!